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Epson Sytlus Pro Proofing

The award winning EPSON Stylus Pro® series has revolutionized print engine technology. With EPSON's Micro Piezo DX3 print head, the EPSON Stylus Pro line provides far superior image quality compared to systems that cost thousands more.

Now you combine the quality of the EPSON print engine with the power of a Harlequin RIP running on a Macintosh or PC platform.

A peconfigured turnkey solution based on an iMac, utilizing it's networking capability, speed and built in monitor gives you a powerful and easy to use RIP with a versatile user interface. You can preview your RIPed jobs on screen before commiting to ink and paper, and you have easy access to RIP configurations.

The sheet fed EPSON 5000 and 5500 handle paper up to 13 by 16 inches, the EPSON 7000 uses 24 inch roll stock, while the EPSON 9000 and 10000 print on roll stock up to 44 inches wide by 100 feet long and up to 1.5 mm cardboard. All utilize a 6 color ink system, Cyan, Light Cyan, Mangenta, Light Magenta, Yellow and Black (CcMmYK). Resolution modes of up to 1440x720 are supported.

Harlequin ICC Profile Processor is included with the RIP and allows ICC color profiles to be generated for precise color matching when printing on different media.

The EIS ColorQuick RIP solution for EPSON Stylus and StylusPro series engines drives a wide range of EPSON inkjet printers, including the professionally acclaimed Stylus Pro®, as well as the Stylus line of printers.

Harlequin RIP software with EPSON 3000 drivers.


Harlequin RIP software with EPSON 5000, 5500, 7000 drivers.


Harlequin RIP software with EPSON 9000, 10000 drivers.


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