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Hewlett-Packard Proofing

HP Designjet 5000 Series printers deliver maximum performance through a powerful combination of speed and uncompromising image quality unmatched by any other printer in their class. It's the perfect choice for production environments that put a premium on fast turnaround and superior image quality. The HP Designjet 5000 series printer coupled to a Harlequin software RIP running on a Macintosh or PC is a completely flexible, high-speed production device.

Now you combine the quality of the H-P print engine with the power of a Harlequin RIP running on a Macintosh or PC platform.

Harlequin ICC Profile Processor is included with the RIP and allows ICC color profiles to be generated for precise color matching when printing on different media.

Harlequin RIP software with Hewlett-Packard Designjet 5000 drivers.


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