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Scanner Interfaces

Our line of High End Scanner Interfaces for Linotype-Hell (now Heildberg) and Dainippon Screen Scanners allow quick and efficient direct scanning from high-end scanners to the Macintosh. Our innovative interfaces feature direct recording and single pass four color scanning straight to and from the disk or network on your PCI or NuBus equipped MacOS Computer. There are no intermediate steps to slow down the process, just an elegant tightly coupled interface between your computer and scanner.

ColorQuick interfaces fully utilize the control and capability of the scanner color computer to produce the accurate color your scanner is designed to deliver. The full color correction control of the scanner's color computer is available to the operator when scanning to the computer, yielding professional quality pre-press images.

Innovative and unique features improve your productivity and reduce the chance of errors. We feature automatic setup programming of the scanner keypad or data terminal on most models of Hell scanners. With automatic programming, the scanner setup is programmed automatically from the MacOS computer by the interface based on the scan parameters. Our scanner interfaces for Dainippon Screen scanners automatically terminate the scan operation based on the users setup on models with mechanical scan size stops.

All of our interfaces feature single pass scanning so you will never have to do four single color passes to get a four color image. TIFF CMYK, TIFF RGB(CMY), TIFF 8-Bit, TIFF Single Bit, ScitexCT, Scitex PSImage, and DCS image formats are supported. Scanning and recording operate in the background so the MacOS computer is available for other tasks. A real time color preview is displayed on the monitor as the scan progresses.

Our ColorQuick interfaces can also be equipped with the ColorQuickRIP option allowing the scanners record drum to tbe used as an imagesetter for a high quality PostScript compatible output solution.

Linotype-Hell Scanner Interfaces


Supports Hell DC300B, Hell 299, Hell CP332, Hell CP340, Hell CP341, Hell DC350, Hell DC360, Hell DC399, Hell DC399ER, and Hell DC399HT scanners. Features automatic programming of the scanner keypad, digital scanning, and a unique analog scanning mode allowing higher scan resolutions than the scanner's original resolution.

ColorQuick 200

Supports Hell Cp345, Hell CP345J, Hell 370, and Hell DC380 scanners. The scanner's color data terminal is accessible form the MacOS computer and is automatically programmed when a computer scan or record operation is performed.


Supports Hell CP340S, Hell DC350S, Hell CP399S and Hell 410 scanners. On suitably equipped system scanners, terminal emulation and automatic programming is availabe form the MacOS computer.

Dainippon Screen Scanner Interfaces


Supports Dainippon Screen SG608, SG618, SG688, SG717, SG737, SG747, SG757, SG777, SG818 and SG888 scanners and is available both with and without a PostScript RIP interface. Features four color single pass recording, and on selected models, automatic scan termination. The ColorQuick700 interface is available with both digital and analog scanning input options. The digital option provides fully automatic batch scanning on compatible Sigma Interface equipped machines and, becaue of its high bandwidth data path, it supports much larger scans than the Screen SCSI interface.

The ColorQuick700 has been installed on the SG777, the world's largest scanner, and can drive the device at full resolution.

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