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ColorQuickRIP for Imagesetters

ColorQuickRIP can be used to drive a wide variety of imagesetters and it is the perfect solution for upgrading outdated slow hardware RIPs. With the power of a Harlequin RIP running on a PowerPC MacOS computer, or on a WindowsNT Pentium or Alpha computer, you will realize sizable reductions in PostScript RIP times.

The Harlequin RIP includes a powerful variety features and configuration options. You can create multiple configuration options for a device and assign them to different Chooser level device names, allowing selection of RIP options from any workstation on your network just by choosing the appropriate printer name. It is also possible to drive multiple output devices from a single Harlequin RIP, including high end scanner recorders.

All the screening is performed by the Harlequin RIP. The versatile configuration capabilities of the RIP allow the user to choose screen angles, screen frequencies and dot shapes. Harlequin Dispersed Screening (HDS) is optionally available and provides high quality stochastic screening, for stunning print quality. Easy Trap built in trapping are also available as an option.

Imagesetter Compatibility

 ProSet: 9400, 9550, 9600, 9700, 9800, 9836
 Accuset: 1000, 5000
 SelectSet: 5000, 7000
 Avantra: 25E, 25S, 25XT, 30,36S, 44S
 BX, BX-11, KT, P390
 VR30, 30, 45, 45HS, 3030, 2530, 2030, 1230, 72,
 1545, 1245, 1045, 108, 108S, 4550
 Novajet 3, 4, Pro, Pro50
 Stylus Pro Series
 Exxtra300, EXXpress300, Maxxima300
 Proofer TM 1035/1135
 DesignJet Series
 Linotype  L300, L300, L500, L530, L560
 CF900 Color Copier
 5300M, Panther Pro 46, Pro46SH
 Dolev 200, 250, 400, 450, 800, 4Press
 ColorPoint 830, 835RSH
 Ultre 3000, 4000, 94E, 94P, 72E, 72P

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